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I am a St Albans based artist. Creating a range of considered pieces for considered spaces. Throwing and shaping vessels on the wheel, and carving with chisel and mallet. Each piece starts with the idea of sculpture and function.


Utilising subtle hues and marks showing the movements of hand and tool. Reflecting the honesty of the material. I am driven by an aesthetic thought that most things could and should be made beautiful. And the best way to achieve this is through craftsmanship. 


I recently completed studies in Historic Stone Carving at City & Guilds of London Art School, since then I have worked on public and private commissions. Outside that I have worked as a pottery consultant for Disney+.

Alongside this I have been grateful to be part of the New Makers programme ran by Toast. Which can be seen here:


I took part in the Kettle On Exhibition at the wonderful Berdoulat in Bath. This was a beautifully arranged exhibition put together as a tribute to Kettles Yard in Cambridge. It showcased a range of 20th Century pieces by a range of artists such as Henry Moore, Stanley Spencer, Eric Gill and John Nash.


Some of my stone carvings were on show at Milieu Studios based in St.Ives. Which has been very exciting as growing up I would go to St.Ives every year without fail with the family. It has been great to show some work there.


These are pieces made by the hand with devotion, attention and care. With a focus on quality and long-term use. I prefer to work made to order.  I'm not too fond on creating mass amounts in the hopes to sell. I am  keen to be engaged with each person if you wish to purchase work.  

If you wish to begin an order, please do get in touch by email and we can discuss options 

Something to bear in mind.... Due to the nature of this process, it isn't as convenient as next day delivery. It is a rather slow process, this reflects the nature of a studio ran by one pair of hands!  

Thank you for submitting

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